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Direct all inquiries to Mick Gray and/or Stephanie Hester, Owners/Operators, 5327 Old Hwy 67, Jacksonville Arkansas, (501) 985-7729,

PLEASE - A note about GPS. We can not be held responsible for where your GPS tells you to go. Please call for directions or click the DIRECTIONS link below.
Field Tour
We are currently taking job applications. Hit the EMPLOYMENT link for more information.
We are in the middle of our busy season. Please try to give us as much notice as possible when booking a group.


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Just a heads up - After 18 years of "absorbing" sales tax we now find it necessary to add it to our prices. Keep the 7.5% sales tax in mind when you are making purchases or checking out.
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We will be open for Spring Break walk-on players on Friday, March 28th.
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